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Photo by Jarritos Mexican Soda on Unsplash. Latin American Music: Culture and Politics Hey, everybody loves music—some music. Thomas (2011) explains, “…Latin American music has engaged in ongoing dialogue and cultural exchange that has profoundly affected music making in Europe and the United States and, more recently, in Africa and Asia as well”. The sounds of Latin music have permeated U.S. airwaves and influenced American artists. By Selwyn Duke Explain that in addition to Broadway musicals, the Latin influence also appeared in other styles of American music from the 1950s and early 60s, including Rhythm and Blues and Pop. One wit went so far as to claim that cyberspace was American territory – an exaggeration, but only barely. European and Arab Influences. Before Spanish conquest, music had a theological and indigenous manner. The Latin American music scene is an amazingly diverse, engaging and entertaining music culture. Brought to Colombia around the time it became a Spanish colony, it was heavily influenced … INTRODUCTION This influence is due not only to the sheer size of the Hispanic population of 52 million now in the U.S. — roughly one in six Americans, with projections to nearly one in three by 2050. Still by 1923, the Victor Records catalog listed 146 Cuban recordings, making Cuban music (and by extension, music from Mexico and Central America) a growing force in American Popular culture. Language. It can even help make or break a culture. Latin American culture is the result of a combination of European, indigenous, and African influences. Even when the words are foreign, the beat, melody, sense, instruments, feeling can communicate to us. Damáso Pérez Prado was a Latin music ambassador who ignited the mambo craze in Mexico and the United States in the late 1940s and early 1950s. AMERICAN FOOD, MUSIC, SPORTS, BEAUTY PRODUCTS, FASHION, POLITICS AND MUCH MORE. Latin America covers a vast territory that stretches from the northern border of Mexico to the southern tip of South America, including the Caribbean. Music evokes many feeling, surfaces old memories, and creates new ones all while satisfying a sense of human emotion. Spanish Decima. 25 Aug 2016 - Category: Culture. African music has a distinct rhythmic sound that is a major influence on many Latin American styles of music. However, there are some cultural similarities that tend to bring these diverse backgrounds together. The history of Latin music starts with the influence from indigenous music such as from the Mayas who had a great interest in music and produced all kind of wind and percussion instruments. The fact is that American programming is popular. Many Americans have generally positive thoughts about Latin media in the US. Music can have a powerful influence on people, enhancing feelings of competitiveness, romance, isolation, hate, or patriotism. Influences of Latin Music. Latin music is a form of popular music played by from Latin America.For practical purposes that includes the Spanish-speaking Caribbean.Much Latin music is accompanied by song in Spanish.. Latin music is a part of world music, which is the study of popular and traditional music in all countries. Spanish is the main language in most of the region. The culture of Latin-American countries is very rich. Yes, economics and innovation have their place in the story, but – hey! Walk into … Yes, this is a history course. One of the most common cultural characteristics of Hispanic American culture is … One of the earliest influences that made the music of the United States distinctively Hispanic-American Baseline Essays MU 1 Hispanic influence in American pop culture . Music is as close to a universal language as we have. The influence that music has throughout the world is immeasurable. It is pretty much centralized between 3 cities (Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara), so, as any Latin American country, it has to deal with social, cultural and economical polarization, this factors often slowed cultural evolution and are the main reasons why Mexico is years behind contemporary movements. Following ‘Despacito’s immense success, Latin music began to influence all genres of the U.S.’s most popular music. Calypso music is the most popular music form. Engraved in each vertebra of cumbia is the history of Latin America itself. The Graffiti Artists: Graffiti is a staple of NYC and hip-hop that has a strong Latin-American influence. Latin music is the combination of four musical elements, musical styles, cultural backgrounds, language, and geography. 3 min read. Latin jazz was the result of a long process of interaction between American and Cuban music styles. The Colombian-American singer has released her first Spanish-language album, one that pays homage to her musical heroines while challenging cultural barriers. In this matter, it is essential to note that although the United States is an exporter of culture, it also absorbs other cultural traditions with relative ease. Hispanic and Latin Americans come from diverse social, economic, and geographic backgrounds. They can be very different depending on their family heritage and national origin. Latin American music originated as a result of a complicated social and cultural process that started with Columbus’s arrival to the continent centuries ago. Both were pioneered in the US and eventually spread world wide, carrying American cultural influences with them. They say that the spontaneous affinity for Latin music runs in the blood, and when you take a closer look at all the history, cultural and social heritage, and interconnected human faiths that give Latin rhythms and harmonies their distinctive flavor and spice, this saying starts to feel more like a historian’s observation than a myth. The rhythm and styles of Latin-American music are influenced by the United States and other countries in Europe like Spain and Portugal. When that happened, everything changed, and indigenous cultures started getting foreign influences. The music we listen, share, and dance to makes the centerpiece of many of our social gatherings. Latin American Music and Politics. In New Orleans around the turn of the 20th century, Latin American music influenced the city’s early jazz style, endowing it with a distinctive syncopated (accents shifted to weak beats) rhythmic character. The social environment and cultural mix brought about one of the best genres of music world wide. Close to half (46%) say that they think Latin music is fun, while a similar number (44%) think that Latin culture has had a positive influence on American pop music. Selena’s impact in Mexican music and Latino culture far outreached record sales and industry awards. Latin Music Explore collections and resources related to Latin music. Although the African elements of African American musical culture remain strong, the music of African Americans is a hybrid of the musical traditions of Africa, Europe, and Native American cultures, along with other influences from around the world. Cultural Influence. The history and influences of Latin American music started in the 1550 by the Moorish and African slaves. its traditions are strongest, the general influence of Latin music has been slow, steady, and at various times intense enough to be a clear and marked influence on the mainstream of popular American (U.S.) culture. In conclusion Latin American music is a popular music that has a history of cultural mixes. With the ability to help identify a culture, as well as educate countries about other cultures, music also provides for a sense of knowledge. Without the conquest of the Spanish and Europeans, they would never have given influences to the style and also the bring African slaves over for the beat of today’s Latin music From Africa to the Aztec and the Inca, the forebears of Latin music have circled the globe for hundreds of years. – so does style and quality. The traditional and popular music of Cuba is amongst the most widely known and enjoyed music in the world today. Well, the Latin American characteristics demonstrate the influences are: Roman Catholicism is the most widely practiced religion. Some of the musical styles are tango, bossa nova, merengue, and salsa and also other genres such as reggae, jazz, rock, and Latin … However, culture is a powerful and vital part of history. Our Latin music, food, and social customs make us unique as an ethnic group in general and unique as countries in particular.. Music plays a huge part of our Hispanic culture. The Spanish decima is a song form that consists of 10 lines, each with eight syllables in them. The Music Of Africa, By Way Of Latin America Afro-Latino culture was in the news this past week with the death of Gilberto Miguel Calderon, who was known by his showbiz name: Joe Cuba. This style of music has a mix of influences by the European, African, and Indigenous people. Because the Hispanic community roughly represents 18 percent of the total population, the Latin “idiosyncrasy” is increasingly being felt across the United States. Today, hip-hop culture is American culture, and Crazy Legs was honored at the 2018 Hispanic Heritage Awards at the Kennedy Center for his trailblazing moves impacting the culture and his community. But American music has long been one of this country’s most popular global exports, so genres receive individual recognition worldwide. Those included are the Dominican-Merengue, Bomba, Cuban Rumba, Puerto Rican Salsa, and the Columbian Cumbia.

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