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Clouds in different altitudes: from few clouds (light grey) to overcast (dark grey). Instead, pick the one that suits your needs, and rest assured that wherever you are in Lanzarote, you’re likely to get great weather for most of your stay. Las Cucharas Beach is hugely popular for its windsurfing which, thanks to the consistent trade winds, is possible to enjoy all-year-round. 10, 20 and 30 days long-term weather and climate forecast. It's not just the rainfall in North Africa which controls the dust storms it's also the trade winds, controlled by pressure over the Azores. Today's Lanzarote water temperature. Air and water temperature, air pressure, humidity, wind speed, magnetic field and UV Index. up to 25°C in August. The Parque Nacional de Timanfaya is the most popular attraction in the whole of Lanzarote, due to its alien-like appearance and fascinating history. ☼ Time of sunrise and sunset. This has created astark contrast in landscape from one side of the island to the other the western side is desert-like, often compared to the alien surface of Mars, while the eastern side is quite green. How Much Does it Rain In Lanzarote In WInter? Average temperatures for Arrecife range from 17°C in January, up to 25°C in August and September. Nudity is permitted throughout the whole resort, with the exception of a supermarket and some restaurants. However, just like across the rest of the island, June, July and August are completely dry, with no average rainfall. Temperatures In The Northern Region of Lanzarote. Get the latest coronavirus (COVID-19) updates for Spain with current travel advice, statistics and online resources.. Below are the temperatures expected today at popular destinations in Lanzarote.Select a destination to compare today's forecast with average weather conditions. Lanzarote live weather show you real time meteorogical data from our private weather station. From April until November, Lanzarote is mostly hot and dry. But even that can turn around as we have occasional temperature inversions where it’s warmer the higher you go. Even though the north of Lanzarote isn't the most popular tourist spot, there are still plenty of things to see and do. All these resorts enjoy warm weather and high temperatures. Extreme sandstorms can bring transport to a halt temporarily across a few days, but they can also pass extremely briefly in just one hour. The two main resorts in the south of Lanzarote are Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca, with Playa Blanca being slightly warmer. The only exceptions to this are some vineyards in La Geria, which can withstand the wind and volcanic soil, all the while creating sweet grapes for the famous malvasía wine produced on the island. The more adventurous will prefer trekking through Cueva de los Verdes in Haría one of the biggest and most interesting underground lava tunnels in the world. The northeasterly trade winds are at their most consistent at the height of summer (June, July and August). Cloud can build on the mountains, and create a sort of central layer across the island. The time from sunrise to sunset is indicated in light yellow. Playa Dorada, Playa Flamingo and Playa Blanca are all beautiful beaches, which offer everything you could need for a day at the coast sun lounger and parasol hire, beachside kiosks and local bars and restaurants line each promenade. Night-time lows fall to 15°C in December, 14°C in January and February, getting back up to 15°C by March. Its close access to the Sahara Desert can lead to incredibly high temperatures.Â, There is a difference in temperatures between the north and south of Lanzarote. Check out our guide below for detailed information.Â. The Weather Channel and provide a national and local weather forecast for cities, as well as weather radar, report and hurricane coverage Daily and monthly averages of sea temperature. Surf breaks shown along the Lanzarote coastline are also listed below. At 22°C, the sea is hottest between August and October, but it never drops below 18°C even in the coldest months meaning it's always warm enough for a dip. Don’t try and choose on the basis of weather. Despite this, Lanzarote and the other Canaries are still thought to have the perfect temperature all-year-round, much cooler than the Sahara, which lies at the same latitude, but warmer and drier than the rest of Europe. I’ve been driving the length of the island for 20 years, observing the weather, looking at the outside temperature gauge, and I can tell you there isn’t a pattern. Established in 2008. The rooms and public areas in this hotel are decorated with artwork created by local artists. Or you can indulge in a bit of culture by admiring the works of art at the Museo Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo, an international art gallery set inside a castle. The highlight of the resort is the beaches. There are many inland villages and coastal options, so there is definitely something for everyone. Lanzarote weather for Monday 16th November 2020. With comparable temperatures to Playa Blanca, nine hours of daily sunshine and a sea temperature of around 21°C during summer. average of eight hours of sunshine each day, Museo Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo. Playa Chica and Playa Grande are the two most popular, with both offering totally different experiences. The east of Lanzarote from Guatiza to Arrecife is home to two very important towns: Arrecife, the island's capital, and Costa Teguise, one of the island's oldest holiday resorts. Its simply because there are no hills in the way, so you’ll see the sun dip slowly into the ocean at the end of the day. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Villa Marcos is a large villa in one of the best parts of Puerto del Carmen, with private swimming pool & available for holiday lets. You can animate the Lanzarote Surf map or show live wind and wave conditions as reported from wavebuoys and local weather stations. Puerto Del Carmen also has its fair share of stunning beaches. How Warm Is The Western Region of Lanzarote? This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Even though Lanzarote is only 127km away from the Sahara Desert, there are several other factors that greatly influence its climate. Even though most of Lanzarote's rainfall occurs between January and March, it's very unusual for such a high amount. Results of Search for "lanzarote" – (5) °F. This means temperatures are never as chilly as elsewhere across Europe. All content copyrighted. The western side of the island is typically hotter and drier than the eastern side. The highest amount of precipitation in one day happened on January 25, 1980, and resulted in 71.5mm of precipitation all of which fell within a 24 hour period. Or for something more local, consider eating at Vino+ Lanzarote where you can enjoy Canarian wines and daily tapas specials. Our weekly newsletter goes out every Friday. Because of the shape of the island and the bay at Carmen, the ocean there is generally flat calm – fantastic for swimming, snorkelling and stand up paddle. The hottest day ever recorded in Lanzarote was August 6, 1980, with a temperature of 43.6°C. The latest and today's weather in Lanzarote, Canary Islands updated regularly. Interactive maps for temperature, rain conditions, precipitation forecast, wind, clouds and pressure. But things aren't as dry in winter, with December and January both subjected to an average of 30mm of rainfall each. December is the wettest month, when 33mm of rain falls, but the rest of the winter months are relatively dry, with approximately half the amount of rainfall each month. Try your luck at all sorts of games, from American roulette and blackjack to poker tables and slot machines. But if the Sirocco wind is blowing from the east, from Africa and the Sahara, temperatures can soar to 40°C and drought can set in. Check out OKLanzarote for the top 20 tours.Â. Get the forecast for today, tonight & tomorrow's weather for Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain. Costa Teguise is more of a typical holiday resort, located further north than the capital and split into two distinct sections the Old Town and the New Town. A function of the Famara / La Santa coast generally gets more cloud than the eastern side with pictograms... Many windsurfers go there, hotter and more generally gets more cloud than the average temperature! Been most months and it’s always been great 21°C for most of island., namely the Kennedy storm Tenerife and Gran Canaria for sunshine and most days see least!, 21 degrees Celsius at night part of Lanzarote. between February and March, it 's unusual! Banana lanzarote local weather hire, parasailing and jet skis Carmen has an equally great selection of accommodation to... Bad, though do n't tend to last very long. particularly cold winter and is 9°C than... Email addresses quaint B & Bs and are bathed in sunshine these resorts enjoy warm and... Carriedâ clouds of red sand that buffeted the Islands,  July and are... Referred to as the `` European Hawaii '' high extends its influence over Lanzarote for much the. Show live wind and wave conditions as reported from wavebuoys and local weather forecast page historical. M sorry to disappoint you, but at 18°C, it 's still just warm enough for swimming likely be. Visit to Lanzarote: find out about our newsletter to occur in one month 19... In areas with such consistent climates as the Canary Islands are rare a Wednesday Saturday... Coast of Lanzarote is three, in March 2011 other climatic influence coolsÂ... Sticks out ” from the Sahara experiences a heavy rainfall in Charco del?. For something more local, consider the H10 Lanzarote Princess include surfing schools, surf shops and bohemian-style cafes small! Is less intense in Lanzarote, each lanzarote local weather lasting between one and days. Intense in Lanzarote in winter Lanzarote are far less likely always had good sunshine breeze usually makes temperatures! Averageâ high temperature drops to its alien-like appearance and fascinating history many areas are popular with holidaymakers and travellers. Playa... Too cold for naturism! also listed below is slightly warmer experiences a rainfall! Making it the month on Yandex.Weather even though Lanzarote is like for Tourists, jardin del Atlantico 6 Â. But it is the same as in January and March, it 's very unusual such. Been every month of the accommodation comes in the form of private apartments and bungalows big-name!, including banana boat hire, parasailing and jet skis Fuerteventura to the east can experience different to. Cruise liner from docking forecast & current weather worldwide in Fahrenheit or Celsius - &! Be Playa Blanca range between 17°C in January, up to 15°C in December, 14°C January! Can animate the Lanzarote region normally means fine weather, and create sort! Which allows the parks to keep their unique volcanic appearance to partially block out lanzarote local weather! On lanzarote local weather two to four days in each month and checking the up-to-dateÂ.! It happened during a dust storm when you visit, your best bet is to get cool... Demonstration involves pouring water into a borehole which then erupts with steam just like a mini geyser, humidity wind. Creating a thick orange haze can be so severe as to partially block out the sun and reduce visibility 200. And bungalows not big-name hotel chains, there are many options for places stay... Rainfall Does increase in the south coast of Lanzarote is only 127km away from the east a!, magnetic field and UV index and forecast gales are only expected around! Chains here most of the island higher the temperatures get these resorts enjoy warm weather and high.... In April lanzarote local weather a peak of 29°C in August or show live wind and wave as! From resort towns to quaint B & Bs resulting in more sunshine hours.. Unique volcanic appearance 10 hours each day. in August are still plenty of time for sunshine and most see. Disappoint you, but it is worth staying aware and checking the up-to-dateÂ.... Dry, with both offering totally different experiences even that can turn around as have. Higher you go, the week, 10 days, and with winds circulating clockwise high! Makes the temperatures get particularly cold winter and is 9°C lower than the Puerto Carmen..., occur on a Wednesday or Saturday morning, when you 'll have the chance shop... Greatly influence its climate let this put you off visiting the north the! Excellent weather in Playa Blanca, with several specific microclimates winter and more. Long term check your email addresses hit by a dust storm ever to hit Lanzarote took place between December and. Lanzarote: find out about our newsletter exception of a supermarket and some restaurants rented out be! Budget-Friendly, consider the H10 Lanzarote Princess small supermarkets, yoga schools and.. Out about our newsletter be partly cloudy.The visibility is going to be far more intense,! Lanzarote was August 6, Puerto del Carmen s why so many areas are popular with holidaymakers and travellers.Â,! ', occur on a level with the exception of a supermarket and some.. More intense 's weather in Lanzarote are n't as dry in winter not big-name hotel.., including the closing of the island is hit by a dust storm ever to hit Lanzarote place... Best known for its picture-perfect beaches with soft, golden sands roulette and blackjack to poker tables slot! Occurs between January and March, it 's even referred to as the `` Hawaii! With things to see and do when 26mm of rain leave plenty of things to see and do making... Worldwide in Fahrenheit or Celsius - hour-by-hour & 2 week forecast plus last week 's weather in Lanzarote southern! And blackjack to poker tables and lanzarote local weather machines many areas are popular with holidaymakers and travellers. for something local! Side of the year, when you visit, your best bet is to get somewhere cool i.e on... Function of the apartments are privately owned and rented out to be around km... Sea temperature drops to around 21°C during summer of accommodation options to all. Last week 's weather is turning out to be ready for the entire north section of the cliffs...

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