Christmas at Shay’s

Christmas at Shay’s


Shays Unique Gift Shop offers everything of something to every woman of all ages and style. Whether it is jewellery, clothing, or those incredibly stylish cowboy boots that she wears with panache, Shay has something for everyone.

Shay is a petite woman who I would describe as a ball of fire! She is confident, powerful and has a heart of mercy and fairness. Her shop is warm, inviting and friendly. It takes more than “a run in” on your lunch hour to take in all of the one of a kind accessories and clothing. Shay sits down with us and gives us a behind the scenes look at her custom gift workshop and studio where she painstakingly creates her painted items.

Shay’s passion is that you come into her store and leave happy. She sincerely wants women to love what they buy in her store. It is not so much about the sale but it is about the customer. Her prices are reasonably set at what she would pay for anything in her store as if she was not the owner. She left her UPS job, because of health reasons, and started her business as a trunk show with the sale of jewellery and other items out of the trunk of her car. Once she got her business license she began shopping in Texas for more ways to make jewellery.   Shay was excited to share that she will be moving into a new building with a storefront as soon as it is completed in 2016.

ShaysListThere are hidden treasures in this shop and one of the most amazing treasures we found was Shays’ ornaments. These precious ornaments are hand made by Shay herself. Her signature design is a snow man. She calls this design Snow Babies because there is usually more than one on an ornament. She prepares these ornaments painstakingly as customers request them. Every drop of paint is from Shays’ hands and that is what makes them so special. The care she takes to create these babies and make each one come to life is something to talk about.

When you examine these ornaments they are each one of a kind. The snow babies on each ornament has something different drawn about them. They are the most amazing precious things and “babies” is the best word for the design.

Shay’s Unique Gifts is located at 1300 Commerce Street, Lynchburg VA 24504.


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