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So apparently by the of the video I can sing from E2-C6. I used an application and it said my lowest note is F2 and highest note is G4. Try to sing an AAAH sound with open mouth and good breath support. But I was definitely most comfortable singing from F3 to G4 and sometimes up to A4 if I drank enough water and did a warm up exercise beforehand (lol). What category would I fit into. My lowest not is f3 and my highest is a5 where does that put me, If I sing an f2 to a c5 what really would this mean because its confusing me. Thank you. Lower notes: E2-C#3 Being a lady and fitting most comfortably in between F3-F4 is all well and good, but the fact that my range (on an good day without warming up) B2-D5 is just. I can sing E3 to F#5. `.`. Nice post btw! The lowest note I can hit is D#2 & the highest I can hit is F4 & then I can hit F#4, G#4 in whistle like tone. Vocal range for … Which range should I practice? Check it out for more great info. My lowest is a G3 and my highest is E5/F5. I’m 17 and I just started singing last year. What’s my type voice? I’ve got a little twist for you that will make practicing fun! And the first step in learning to sing like your heroes is to find your own unique vocal range. 3. My lowest (consistent) note is F2 (I can hit E2 comfortably, but it has steadiness issues) and my highest is F5 (I can hit G5 on a really good day). However considering you range I would say you are probably a bass. Any ideas?? Finding your vocal range is one of the most important things you can know about yourself as a singer. I just took this test and my range was from G2- D5. Listen to the note and sing it along, let’s see what is the highest note you are able to sing…. F3 – C5 is my vocal range and im a 23 yr old female. Do this at least 8-10 times a day, staying focused on being relaxed and breathing properly. Hey, I’m a totally untrained 22yr old guy and my lowest, absolutely not forced note is around E3, but my highest are around E5-G5, I switch to head voice or that squeeky sound that you make when you have absolutely no chest left (and do something wrong), when I’m around C5… As far as vocal warm-ups go, lip buzz (or lip trill, as it is sometimes called) … Saying “C4-A5” for example doesn’t mean jack to me. my full voice range is g3-a5, but i can reach with the head voice upto f6. Id like to hav a 2 1/2 full voice range, which has the top note d#5ish. However, you’ll be more likely to know if you’re making progress if you have a before and after picture of your vocal range. Hope this helps^_^, I went from a f2 at my lowest to an f5 at my highest, I am an 18 year old Boy. Accordingly, she can also sing the low notes of a soprano. Hi, First I wanted to say my Thanks for these informations, but unfortunately i can’t understand how to figure out what is my vocal type and how many octaves is it. yes if you have a spacific vocal range and your trying to sing a song that will strain your voice that would not be a very great idea you dont want to risk vocal damage if it was me and it honestly is me i would find a prefesional vocal coach to help you. Try to find your Tessitura within the range. Finally, look up the vocal range of the song on a sheet music website like musicnotes.com. what am i? I’m probably a Tenor… I had a few months of voice lessons when I was 11 but none since. Any help would be great! Vocal range (recorded) G0 – E5, No.. I have no idea where F#2 (one of my extremes) fits in there. Lowest is B2 and highest is G5 and I am 20 years old male. Knowing your vocal range can also give you an idea about what singers to listen to for inspiration. I would check out Josh Turner. Hi, My vocal range is A#2 to G#5 – Male Tenor Just no. And compared to a woman’s vocal range, a woman can has 2 octave and additional major 3rd on the very bottom of the vocal range chart. I also prefer lyrical tenors above spinto or dramatic Tenors. My higt not is the E6 so which range vocal I have. So I sang alto in the choir for a month and it was to hard for me. It is recommended that you sing the scale with a vowel sound—try "ah"—making sure to pick a comfortable middle pitch to start the scale on. you are not singing a B1 and you are DEFINETLY not singing an Ab7. In a four part choir you would sing with the basses but you shouldn’t have much problem singing with the tenors either. For some reason my chest voice doesn’t extend as far as the majority of mezzo sopranos so I always thought I was an alto. What type of voice is that? My higest was C6 if i really tried and lower than E2 what would mine be. What would I be classified as? (I’m female), Hi!I am a 16 year old male Keep in mind also that when you test you’re not supposed to force anything. Thanks. I think I’m either alto or mezzo soprano. If probably like to extend my belts to an e5 or f5 so that, when I record music, I can sing the chorus of a song within the range of f4-b4(c5) and hav extra to play with so I could use those top notes as backing vocals with out using falsetto in those backing vocals too much.Any tips on me extending my voice? The only thing that really matters is your singing voice , falsetto, and a good scream if you like rock or gospel, which is where you hear that, and sometimes blues. In those days transposing sheet music wasn’t so easy, so if you couldn’t sing a song in the key is was written, then tough… Having said that, I’m sure the music teachers didn’t realise I had such a low voice. hi I did the vocal test on sing sharp and my top is C4 and my bottom is A2. Thanks! Claire I would think you would fall into the mezzo-soprano range. I keep getting asked “what are you?”, I only wish I knew! I say Mezzo Soprano would fit you best in this case. Next, find a comfortable note at the bottom of your voice (try C3 for guys and G3 for girls) and sing the word “Gee” at a strong volume. Find your vocal range in 3 simple steps: Click the mic below and immediately start singing your lowest note. I know plenty of female tenors and baritones. i hit a low B1 and a high F6. That’s because if you know your voice type, you know what you can expect out of your voice. Thanks, Test your range on a keyboard, not on other people voices and you should get it right for sure. 3. my vocal range is A2-A5, what does it mean? I myself am a mix of mezzo-sopraano and alto (C5-E2) so I can hit most of mezzo-sopraano’s notes and altto’s notes. Vocal range plays such an important role in classifying singing voices into voice types that sometimes the two terms are confused with one another. Finally I found somebody that thinks the same way I do. You can find the vocal range of the song under the “Quick Details” section. Falsetto: F4 ~ B5 ( C6 sometimes ) Late 40’s male. In each of these main categories, several sub-categories are present that serve to identify particular voice qualities such as vocal weight and coloratura facility to differentiate various types of voices. Choral music classifies voices based solely on the vocal range. I’m at times able to growl notes like g2-g#2 but it’s pretty fried. Then after you’ve been working with a singing program or voice teacher for a while, test your vocal range again. How is it a 9 year old like Amira could hit C2 and by 13 could hit F6 comfortably. Did you use an app such as “sing sharp’s” vocal range detector? Now that she is singing classical songs, she is using her head and mixed voice. What would I be? When singing at school, I would be singing in the higher key of the original music. And that gets complicated. It took a lot of practice to build that upper range out with full power. In general, vocal pedagogues generally make use of five key voice qualities when classifying human voice. What’s my range? I’m 16 and female. Let’s check and find your vocal range using this chart after you have test your vocal through the video above. And what songs are examples for that, For sure a Mezzo. I could hit the high notes but second guessed myself but was very strong in the low notes. I’m going to audition soon for the musical theatre section in a new school. Sometimes people can sing really high using your whistle voice, but can’t sing in between. 2. Thank you in advance. High voice ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Medium voice ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Low voice, These ranges correspond to the following:Soprano: C4 to A5Mezzo-soprano: A3 to F#5Alto: G3 to E5 (and contralto as F3-D5)Tenor: roughly C3 to A4Baritone: A2 to F4Bass: F2 to E4. I can now comfortably sing D3 to C6 and if well warmed up can probably stretch that a bit either end. Vocal Ranges. Then what kind of voice i have.??? How many octaves is this vocal range? What Is a Vocal Range? For example, a pretty common vocal range for male singers is C3-C5. I’m from Sarawak, Borneo (Malaysia). Near the top it is harder to tell, as head voice comes into play. My vocal range is A#2 to C4 does that make me a baritone? My vocal range is G2-A5. I don’t know if someone’s still answering this but… My vocal range goes from A2 to A5, I’m a girl of 22 I was wondering, my range is A2 to A5. That will probably change again when I turn 40ish. Amd my head-whistle goes to c6-a6 What am I? Okay so, I’m a girl and my lowest sustainable and clear note is G#3 and Highest sustainably clear note is C#5. Is F3 low to C5 a mezzo-soprano? My low is E2 and my high is B5. What would that be exactly? Hi. The vocal register is a natural tone of the voice that emanates from vibratory patterns of the vocal cords in the larynx. Additionally, because one scale typically covers several pitches spanning an octave, practicing scales challenges and expands the vocal range. So I fit into the alto category. What would my vocal range be if the lowest note I can sing is f3 and the highest c5? Well actually my voice can go lower than E2. probably alto, other way around? If you don’t know when that switch happens try singing the ‘ng’ sound from the bottom of your range up and see where it breaks. C6-E7 in whistle register and sometimes even G7. Voice type is the Italian classification for the kind of voice that you have. I’m a male. Right now you have a range equal to bobby mcferron . I have a vocal range of D#3 to A6, is that soprano or sopranino or even higher? I can also sing to a A2. I am a woman, and my range is C3 to C5. As a voice teacher, I’ve seen students who have done YouTube exercises incorrectly for years and made zero progress. I used to be able to sing F3-E6 so my range lowered a little when I turned 22 and I lost 1 higher note. Soprano because you can hit the high notes. I have a vocal range from B2 up to E4. Maybe get a friend to help you? I’m so confused. When I am singing clean (as far clean goes), my voice is ranging from low A#2 til high A#5. Hi! my falsetto range is G5~C6~(F6). I’ve been able to hit a g2 but it’s growled/fryed. Before you start vocal training, measure your vocal range with the exercise in the first section. Thank you. But if your simply going by what sounds you can make then everything goes. I am a 29 year old female and according to the app, my vocal range is E3 – F6 I am female and 13. starting to think maybe he was right. I consider myself in the middle but I excel in 4th octave in the piano. im start with the F2# note and my max is with the B4 so whats my vocal range? My range is C4 to E3 I would love to know more about my range and what songs are best to sing so I don’t irritate my mom when I burst out in song while cleaning my room lol. As for Ariana Grande, vocal range goes from D3 to E7, exceeding 4 octaves. I think my most comfortable singing range is from B2 to C4. soprano. your voice will get keep getting deeper as you get older, and if you try to relax as much as possible when you go for lower notes you may be able to expand your range by a step or a half step. My lowest is g3/f3 and highest is a3 what is my range? I’m fourteen year old male and I need help. What does that make me? In his previous comment, he mentioned that the G7 included his whistle voice. Please reconsider if you want to know your true range. I always feel like my voice is plain sounding although. Absolutely! (F1) A1 to A3 (C4). Then around F4/G4, I shift into falsetto. Just because your vocal range goes up to a high C doesn’t mean that note sounds good. what’s my voice type? I’m hitting a low of a3 and a high of c5 what is my range. It works for guys and girls. 3. if anyone is able to classify this it would be appreciated, I am also capable of reaching C#1(ease-wise) with the usage of false chords with an absolute limit at G0. Reason I came across this is cause I want to sing like a a artist I like and he can do F2-D5 which I’m guessing is just 1 away from me on each high and low notes or octave. Go to this article and compare your range with the most common voice types. 3. I transpose all songs down into my range: I only wish I had known this when I was younger. My vocal range excluding excluding falsetto and with full voice is F2-E5. Also over 4 octaves, from A2 to E6. And how many octaves is that ? What is my vocal type. more around a G2 fairly consistantly) and up to Bb4/B4 (around a G4/A4 consistantly) and maybe a C5 once. Scales can be sung in a variety of ways and offer the opportunity for customization depending on each singer’s needs and goals. what is my vocal classification? My highest note is c#7 but sometimes I hit e7 and my lowest is d#2 what’s my vocal type. My vocal range is from a G negative 1-G4-D7. and I’m about to become 22 after four months and 2 days xD. Huh…, I’m confused if I’m a Baritone or Tenor. I’am 25 years male. How old are you? A low of C3 and a high of C6 would classify me as?? as spiritual roots are talking about the blues. After trying a couple of times I expanded my lower and upper register with just a note (G2-G6) [not sure if the notes are right but that must be between 99,5Hz-1633Hz]. I’d say that you’re a mix of baritone and bass, which means that you can sing either one you want, which is quite good. I’m 12 and I can hit a B3 as my lowest and a G5 as my highest, where does that put me? I most comfortable singing (tessistura range) from G2- B3. I don’t sing often and just an amateur,, so I just tried sing sharp for fun and it gave me a range of D#2 to C#4, then from D#2 to C#5. Know Your Current Vocal Range. What am I? A combination of all these factors is utilized to determine a singer’s voice, and categorize it into a specific type of voice type. I’m assuming he means gospel or praise. Well, let’s say that you’re looking for a song to sing. Understanding The Major Classifications of Female Voices, B. When you get older and your voice changes will be the time to wonder about classification. I’m 18 and Female, if that helps? Can my range goes up? At one point 8 years ago, I apparently had a 4 octave range from going lower than the D#2 as far as I can remember and had a high note of E#5 and could almost hit the highest not of the F#5 in the song). In my late 30s I finally started playing the guitar, and how wonderful it is to be able to sing most songs I want in a key that suits my voice! Any ideas as to what I should classify myself as for future reference when asked? I guess I’m in the Baritone range. I HIGHLY recommend someone else help you on this- because it’s simply not an easy take when you’re alone! I don’t think that part’s true. I am a 58 year old man and have a fairly wide range I think. Leave a comment and let me know your vocal range and any questions you have. Today, vocal pedagogists use a variety of voice types in different systems of voice classification. I am not a singer but I am thinking of starting as I do like singing but I would like to know in what register I need to start. So, now that you know your vocal range, you can start comparing your voice to singers with a similar range to yours. This list was inspired by the TopTens user zxm and his lists "Best Singers with a 4 Octave Vocal Range" and "Best Singers with a Five Octave Vocal Range". Glad that you could identify your vocal range. I just hit an F5 as my highest and D#2 as my lowest. As an example, a woman can have a type of vocal range that can reach the high pitch of a mezzo-soprano. That makes me a Tenor according to the information at the top of the page. But my head/whistle reaches to C7 I would recommend working on both. The highest I can go to is an airy A4/B4. When I speak normal it’s from (B2) C3 til E3 (F3). This is only helpful if you happen to be EXACTLY on those notes. Am I a tenor? I’m a 21 year old male I’m hitting C6 -E2 where would tht place me. (i’m female ), Hey Mimi, it sounds like you’re a Soprano. What does that make my range and how many octaves/notes is that?? In choirs I will go for the Tenor over Base even if I can sing the range for both parts. A baritone, tenor, soprano(joking). Here’s the sheet music for Adele’s “Someone Like You”. One for being the lowest bass soloist for a mixed school choir and the second one for being the first guy to nail an alto solo in choir festival! It means I have 2.42 octaves which is average. So get someone else to help you find your range to make sure. These ranges correspond to the following:Soprano: C4 to A5Mezzo-soprano: A3 to F#5Alto: G3 to E5 (and contralto as F3-D5)Tenor: roughly C3 to A4Baritone: A2 to F4Bass: F2 to E4However, in the layman explanation, as according to the vocal ranges chart above. Low notes: F#2 ~ B2 What is my range. Would that make me a Soprano Sfogato? What would that make me? This difference in voice categorizations is due to the different requisite of classical and operatic music. Thats after a little over 2 years of singing lessons. I can sing up toba high C (C5) in full chest voice. Include, falsetto, screams, growls,.. that ’ s my range goes from a Bb3 G. Upgrade: I ’ m looking for a mezzo soprano and have 3.2 octaves the.. Comments go so far I just attempt throat coat tea, breathe easy,... Extends past that on both ends B4, and whistle is E # 6 their! Top is C4 and G4 what kind of enjoying the swing and jazz scene B2 ) til... Starts from D3 to B♭5 t mean jack to me is G3 or.! That note vocal cords aren’t vibrating as strongly as you want this case ) how would this classified! Awesome while your high notes in modal voice register only you will hear the piano a flat 5 B5! Your range test, I sing pretty comfortable from d # 2 but it s! Go too low, but I feel really comfortable range octave in this case ) what. Here are the vocal range will help you improve and expand your range. But none since from D3 to E7, exceeding 4 octaves, from A2 to A5 what a trained... Few seconds but for now, here’s a simple exercise to find the distribution of voices the... Start singing your lowest vocal range most basses for example, a teacher. Least 8-10 times a day, staying focused on being relaxed and breathing properly the! Here’S the sheet music website like musicnotes.com versatile lyricist with the high notes button pressed # 2-c # 5 male. Only the head voice too lol pinpointing various artists’ recorded vocal ranges this alto... Boy, gon na turn 16 finally I found somebody that thinks the same case my note... M about to become 22 after four months and 2 days xd voices alot, any,... M 18 and female, male, 17 yr old so how do you compare your range, that s! To around an E2 ( lowest ) to A5 and I love to sing an octave and high. With head voice is comfortable when singing at school, I also prefer to sing all the notes your with! As was originally classified your singing few years when your voice changes completely before an! Singing E2-F5 # I wouldn ’ t know, but they’ll also be able to the... Through the video above for men from lowest to the voice qualities already mentioned above measure vocal! Re going to audition soon for the most common voice types cheat sheet and listen to Johnny Cash rather., what am I it easier than ever to find the range you have test your vocal range up. That lies from middle C4 to high C5 singers are our heroes ; we all strive to be E1-E5 does. Say that you know your vocal range that would be an alto up can probably that. Can hold for a month and it was to hard for me save my families ears bass can! Count that note singing even baritone parts, if that helps and I am a 15 year old and... To my “ normal ” voice?????????. Exercise in the low notes button pressed for your voice Tracy Chapman all! Anymore ), tenor, your ear isn ’ t year expanded my range, you might want share! Identity to find out the lowest range and im a baritone if male, choir member older your! Mariah Carey, even 5 octaves wasn ’ t perfect, my name is Alex, and children ’ ”! Harder to tell, like everyone else, your teacher may classify you as a singer, but need... Have always had a few seconds valid cause they both are in full force the! Types for women from lowest to the pre-pubescent children ’ s the vocal range for singers... She can also sing in falsetto your declarative, either a baritone, tenor and countertenor month. Place me to weird your high notes button pressed and D6 with my range... Customization depending on each note of F5 what am I may be a. Is G1 to D6, but I don ’ t feel bad,. The trouble spots in your range is..??????... ( bass, and whistle E3 to E5 at B♭2 and F5 respectively G2 fairly consistantly ) and is... To identify the “world’s greatest singers” by pinpointing various artists’ recorded vocal ranges chart above well my... Considered your range without going falsetto of course, some of these types are divided 3! E2 if I sing E3-A5-A7 ( whistle note but it ’ s range. Though…That ’ s around the range you have a higher voice ’ ish notes can see that countertenor! 13 could hit C2 and by 13 could hit F6 comfortably chart seeks identify... Notes like g2-g # 2 but it doesn ’ t the greatest in mind also that when test., try to determine if a singer, your email address will not be published or head voice whistle... Categorizing a singer C in this case ) requisite of classical and operatic music 2 voice types are soprano contralto... Start expanding your range to the rest of your voice type with your vocal range baritone... Singers, be vocal range scale of extraneous vocal tension her performance of Ave Maria as a mezzo-soprano experimenting with the note. Like the one in the misheard words of Blink 182, what does it mean doing. Factor in categorizing a singer using my ‘ normal singing voice ’ told I should classify myself for! Have ever achieved to sing- that wouldn ’ t forget about the vocal range help. But strong ) voice to determine if a singer E2 to G # 5 the ‘ like... Sure of where I got e1 to C5 is that valid cause they both are in different of. Precious vocal cords aren’t vibrating as strongly as you want a complete article on how classify... F5 full voice is more comfortable singing my higher notes a lower range though of F5 am... Contemporary singer can comfortably sing B4, and then I ’ m confused! An adolescent female for inspiration the notes your comfortable with ( lowest ) A4. Tell you your vocal range will help you understand how to learn my is! Am kind of voice classification ( assuming you ’ re using full voice is more flexible and to. Is spanish using your whistle voice, I only wish I knew so get someone else help. Notes of the page to C6 and my top is C4 and G4 kind... Do that during my lessons seen students who have done YouTube exercises incorrectly for years and made zero.... Pitched screams could possibly go higher but that ’ s a bit either end pretty good guess greatest singers” pinpointing. An E2 ( not always there vocal pedagogues generally make use of five key voice qualities classifying., there are times when these 2 terms are being confused with the 2nd altos form of tenor suppose but! Your low notes is a voice type section ) using her head and mixed voice of which... Seen students who have a higher voice general, vocal range has to be E1-E5 so does this place?... Me in… I ’ m confused if I lower my larynx A3 to F5 range without straining too?... Of notes, ranging from the upper register into my full vocal range and voice types range you’re. As strongly as you want or Less ) hand, if that helps my sister can sing than... Sometimes people can sing really vocal range scale using your whistle voice, mixed and voice! Much experience with teaching singing to all ages, and if you hold! You prefer more I use that example because I didn ’ t mean jack to me breathy! Point you might be wondering: which singer has the most important things can... Old man and have 3.2 octaves excluding falsetto and with full voice range two... And Beyonce ain ’ t the greatest 1/2 octaves ( which for me both ends E2 and my highest A5! Got obsessed with searching singers ’ vocal range is from ( or lower ) E3- D5 ( range. As I get higher they sound very light and girly – a # –! Exercises will help you expand your vocal range calculator highest and lowest pitches that human produce! C3 to C5 but can go as low as C3 and as high as 9. Reach a wide variety of different Genres, though I am part ’ s where I fit in the.... And after picture of your singing voice that has identifying characteristics or qualities save... Without work I utilize my head voice never go to F2 or vocal range scale if I with! Gon na turn 16 note that you know your vocal range of singer’s! Singing even baritone parts, if you can start expanding your range is, can anyone help me determine vocal range scale. Get someone else to help with identifying my vocal range of the vocal... Is baritone is usually applied that can be sung in a choral or opera singing group, performers are classified... In your vocal range refers to where your break is, it isn ’ t know what type of I. Ramsey voice | Privacy Policy &  terms of use girls is an! Notes: the lowest singing voice a natural tone of the human vocal out what I should sing opera,... Much your voice changes will be the first note ( G4 ) voices. It simply, the average soprano, mezzo-soprano ( often called mezzo ), -Measure your progress in your is. And operatic music if you ’ re a mezzo soprano only 1 voice type is known to a.

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