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Men – geez – how can he be so fooled by her smiling, cunning lies??? Something is different about him it appears. That darn Se Na, she is always at the right place at the right time. Lee Jae Hwang as Koo Kang Mo When the innocent person finds the evidence of what the culprit did, they always tell them they have the evidence. I am sure we will find out more when Kang Mo gets the info on Mr. The baby should be a little over a year now I would think as Song Ah was gone for 2 years. She Would Never Know (jTBC) Those black shorts she had on with the long blouse/shirt and sweater was terrible looking. With Yoon Jung Hwa (Gun Woo) having to leave the show unfortunately for his illness, what a great idea to bring his cousin, Mr. Hi…Just wondering since the last English Sub for Eve’s Love was episode 68 and episodes 69 through 95 are posted RAW without Eng Sub…whether or NOT the English Subtitles will ever be added/updated? I don’t like her mother, Young Ja, either. I think that is what I understood when Kang Mo was talking to his friend in America. SEOKJIN CHOPPING FIREWOOD | BTS IN THE SOOP BEHIND 인더숲 EP. I wonder how Yoon Jong Hwa (Gun Woo) is doing with his health. I feel bad for Yoon Jung Hua. If you are looking to receive free, no obligation quotes on … The chicken lady is going to have to support the detective unless he does some more jobs for Se Na. Movie plot "Brother, are we really taking a bath together?" Project S2 EP.13 All, English, Level Up! So Gun Woo was killed in a plane accident!!! Song A will most likely end up with Kang Mo. After a series of events, the lives of a security operative and an assassin become inextricably linked. Kim Tae Han as Hong Sang Soo It airs Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night. @Rose, I really enjoyed your updates, and I’m always looking forward to it anytime I’m on this site. If it is the girl playing Se nah, then…..i hate this drama already. /* ]]> */. I know he must have had feelings and/or a relationship with Se Na in he past but … I only saw 5 episodes and not in sequence, so don’t know what I missed. When she asks him to work with her the 3rd time she meets Moon, he says to her “do you want me?” I though that was an odd thing to say, more like to you want to have sex with me. Latest episode: EP 08 EP 07 EP 06. Director: Lee Kye Joon How could Gun Woo cover up for Se Na??? Everyone else is OK. Discussion in 'K-Movies & TV' started by DemosthenesVoice, Mar 6, 2016. it’s like nothing happen. Or only for rich people. Mr. He needs to get motivated and go back to school. For once Gun Woo told Song Ah the truth about evil In Soo that she should not trust him, but she thinks everyone is on the up and up. if I could stop acting like a darn fool with her stupid antics. Stupid – so many little things come up and neither Song Ah and Kang Min question anything. Moon – Gun Woo’s brother – I forgot what his real name is – he came to take revenge on In Soo and then after they get out of jail he is out in the countryside cooking sweet potatoes for In Soo. The father had an affair with the maid…. No stitches, no nothing. Se Na now will run right over to tell Mr. What a mess, I been watching the show from chicago pro and I look forward to seeing every morning. I hope the ending doesn’t disappoint me. When they do come back I find it strange that they always get caught. / Title : True Love so far I have only seen five episodes, but I see what you are saying in your comments from number 10 to number 13. To kdrama script writers wake up and listen to what your viewers think about long drama. I suppose it may be on Monday and Wednesday also at 8:00 a.m. Phoenix (SBS) I remember when Kang Mo and Moon were at the bar and K. Mo asked him about Gun Woo, and Moon said “he was in an accident.” Then he called Se Na and sent her the photo of the plane crash in Alaska and it said “Victim Cha Gun Woo, Korean.” So I assumed he was dead. He is in a daze as he probably doesn’t know what happened to him. I remember that Geum So-Wol had the doll in a park and left it on the steps in Sunday’s episode. In-Soo is cruel, condescending and treats his wife life and Kang Mo like they are dirt under his feet. Keep the story short and make it more interesting and avoid cliche settings. Moon when he was in America??? Very caring for his mother. to Learn Korean than to wait for the Eng Subs to be updated (sigh). Wonder who is going to win at the end?????? Hello? Miss Monte Cristo (KBS2), L.U.C.A. Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. I think everyone will agree with you on that. I like @rose comment about Se Na “I will be so happy when I don’t have to see Se Na hysterics when this show is over”. High school is tough enough without having to deal with personal drama. Kind of a mystery right now. He either cut himself shaving or ??? I thought when Do Joon came back from the service he would get a full-time job and help Song Ah out support the 3 of them, instead of playing games with the silly chicken girl. I hope she ends up with NO ONE. Moon is sending to Kang Min? but if you are on Ep 80 aready you are way ahead in the Episodes Compares to the two above websites. I was surprised that Song Ah told SeNa that Mr. Not if Se Na has anything to do about it as she won’t give him a divorce that easy. Now she finds out that Kang Mo’s father did away with Song Ah’s father. Project Season 2, Perfect Velvet, Reality Shows Both Song Ah and Kang Min let it pass. And Mr. 6 [ENG SUB] I Can’t believe Se Na smashing her head against the wall, is bleeding, gets her head bandaged, manages to escape and the next scene no bandage on her head. He is wasting his time hanging out in the chicken place. All about eve korean drama episode 1 eng sub Learn from our numerous articles about coverage types, accidents, the claims process, and much more! Im Do Yun as Han Ra Bong (Young Ja’s daughter), Lee Jung Gil as Koo In Soo (Kang Mo’s father) The Spy Who Loved Me (MBC) Korean drama "All about eve (이브의 모든 것)" OST / artist : Fin.K.L. Her hysterics, screaming, etc. Is anyone watching this show??? Beyond Evil (jTBC) It’s Rough when they all say “Eng-Sub” and when you load them to view, there are NO subtitles. What is with Kang Mo – doesn’t he get the hint that someone is trying to tell him that Se Na is being seen with another man. I keep looking to your comments for things I miss. Like what excuse did they give the he disappeared = like all of a sudden??? I missed Ep 36 – what did Kang Mi say when he woke up in the hotel room? The last 6 episodes should be interesting. If they continue this way, it’s gonna make a mess of a masterpiece that the show supposed to be. Just what he doesn’t need. I doubt if she will go easily. Song yang awalnya sangat sulit untuk menerima keberadaan Sun Mi. Probably. !” He is too busy playing house with his chicken little to go back to school. In Soo, or his wife will. It’s Me! I am getting confused – but I think Mr. I have 2 more episodes to watch but not tonight, it is late. Mean old selfish man. Who was the guy with Se Na in the photo that Hua-Gyeong found in some one’s bedroom at their house?? But I don’t remember if they were holding their dolls when they tried to get out. Moon and Koo In Soo go into his office to talk privately, I am surprised neither Kang Mo or Song Ah go near the door and listen to what they are always talking about. (KBS2) Ep … I would not be happy about that. It is like he never did any of those things and just happened to be free loading off the chicken lady. The dinner with the 3 woman was stupid. I’ve seen some clips on Youtube, and it seems as if some scenes were cut out of the tv episodes. (daughter gwon sa-wol). Interesting his future mother-in-law said “she would pay for him to go back to school,” but I don’t think he did anything about it. 49:27. Moon is Gun Woo’s cousin. Seen other comments on this & other sites, good to know I’m not the only one that feels like too much SeNa & too many unconnected issues. is just plain disgusting. this morning I saw the episode where the witch and the old-man found out that the daughter in law was told by her housband that the house they are living in was built by her father. } And the policeman in Stormy Woman as well as this show, were identical as they took money from the culprits to hide the evidence. I am so happy, I knew she would be back. Song Ah certainly knows that Se Na will go to any length to get her hands on any evidence someone has on her. I think Song-Ah had twins, from the way she & her mother were looking at them. And then he still wants to marry Song A!!!!! If anyone checks in — Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. And Gun Woo took his friend’s name to come back to get revenge for what Koo In Soo did to him? am I right?. Korean drama "All about eve (이브의 모든 것)" OST / artist : Fin.K.L. This drama is about a woman who betrays by her friend and struggles to recover what she has lost. Daughter in Law? I wonder where Se Na got all the money she paid the detective in the beginning to cover up her participation in Hyeong A’s death and the money she continues to give the detective. Some how or other they will figure out there is a bug in her office. Hope he is doing well. It re-runs on Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. Leave it to Evil Se Na to be at the right place at the right time. There is no indication above anywhere the Kim Young Hoon was joining the cast late or anything. Lee Joo Suk as Jin Jung Han, Producer: Baek Ho Min When Song Ah, Kang Min and Se Na were talking about Hyeon A and the blue scarf that Kang Min gave her, when Se Na said to K. Min “you are the one who gave her the scarf,” and they asked how she knew about the scarf, and Se Na says to K. Min “you said it in your sleep.” How stupid of a line is this?? What a joke – ….Hwa Kyung saying “Song Ah does not have the right credentials to be a part of their family.” As if Se Na does. How did that happen?? I wonder how they are going to get Se Na to give up and sign the divorce papers???? I thought the show was really good, more so at the beginning, but I think the last episode could have been a bit better including all the main actors. I would like to know how Yoon Jong-Hwa is doing. that was great. I think Gun Woo was trying to protect Jung Ok – Sung Ah’s mother when he told her not to let anyone know that she has come to, but doesn’t remember everything (wonder if she is only pretending so no one will try to kill her) and stupid evil Se Na has to ruin it and tell evil In Soo. Song Ah has a problem – when Se Na is spilling the beans, Song Ah instead of listening to all of it, she barges in and starts yelling. Se Na only meets him twice and she wants to hook up with him on shafting everyone at the company. Man in a Veil (KBS2), Secret Royal Inspector (KBS2) And what really matters is I HOPE that Yoon Jung Hwa (Gun Woo) is doing well with his treatments and will get healed. You would think the baby would have some of Gun Woo’s features. I just saw Ep 58- where the detective gets the chicken lady drunk so he can kidnap Hong Jung Ok. Despite having everything going for him, he is dealing with family problems compounded by the constant bickering between his father and his much-younger stepmother. Who else would be interested in Se Na and how much she works? Mr. If Lee Seo is Mr. Also Kang Mo should go to the police station and get another policeman involved. I hope Se Na gets nailed for all the evil she is doing at the end of this story. Or was Mr. Well, I guess if he ends up marrying the chickee girl, which he probably will, he and chickee girl will inherit the chicken place. I just thought Moon was added due to Yoon having to leave the show. And wonder how or why she lost her baby??? I assume Song-Ah had one child as she referred that it was a miracle. What I don’t understand is — how did the doll survive the building collapse as I don’t think the girls were holding the dolls at the time of the building collapse. I didn’t expect Mr. @rose. Moon when he made the call to his friend in America. Maybe she will have amnesia or something. I keep waiting for Song Ah’s sister to return, but not sure. Moon is good with the baby. Very different. Why can’t Kang Mo and Kang Min just tell their idiot father the truth about all that Se Na is doing instead of hiding everything??? Mr. Seems like it might be faster(!) He is doing pretty good. Moon when he was in America??? When you are ready, well be here for you and ready to help. Get Revenge (CSTV) Vincenzo (tvN) Moon is wearing his hair differently and maybe that is why he looks a bit different. If Mr. Aspiring actress Eve Harrington maneuvers her way into the lives of Broadway star Margo Channing, playwright Lloyd Richards and director Bill Sampson. About 2 years as Woo Joo isn’t even walking yet I assume. I am not sure whose side he really is on. What the heck – who came up with that stupid idea??? Moon, like he knew him, even though they just met.” And something about “the letters Mr. God Bless Him. How weird and how strange these shows are. Moon on her side. Ep 5. Yoon Jong Hwa as Cha Gun Woo Is he the guy in the photos that Mr. Episodes 1-4 Episode 6. Gun Woo under an assumed name???? I wonder if the Detective has the tape from the wedding when Jung Ok fell down??? And Do Joon — is promising his to be chickie wife a car, a house, the moon and the stars with no money. For me that is as probably for every one else the show had already ended. Homemade Love Story (KBS2) I also found it stupid that In Soo’s wife when they were in the chicken restaurant she said “I don’t know what he did, but I will wait for him.” Duh, what the heck, she knew that he killed Song Ah’s father. Can’t believe he is not going to have to due to some time in prison for covering up Se Na’s crimes. — in the line up of actors – there is no name of what character he is playing, so not sure if he was cast from the beginning. I think I’ll look to see if they’re COMPLETE or All Eng Subs have been updated before I start watching another K-Drama.. How many more clues does Kelly need to figure out that she is really Hyun Ah????? Ep 5. Tale of the Nine Tailed (tvN), Browse By YearAwardsYear 2002Year 2003Year 2004Year 2005Year 2006Year 2007Year 2008Year 2009Year 2010Year 2011Year 2012Year 2013Year 2014Year 2015Year 2016Year 2017Year 2018Year 2019Year 2020Year 2021, /*

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